Khloe and Tristan broke up again! This information came from their friends, who confirmed this information for the newspapers. Accordingly to the information, Khloe and Tristan broke up after model Sydney Chase said that she had affair with Tristan at the time when he was with Khloe.

We found out that they broke up again after they saw Tristan in the company of the unknown girls. Accordingly, to the one newspaper, Tristan entered the room in the Bel Air with three girls. Not to mention that all this happened just a day after he was on the dinner with Khloe and their daughter True.

Tristan went into the room where you will go if you want to hook up with someone. He was in the company of the three girls and one boy. One of the girls is a regular party girl. All this information came from the people who were at the party.

Tristan was in the room for half of the hour, and then he came out disheveled. When he came out, his shirt was messy and he looked disheveled. He stayed at the party for another hour or something like that, and then, around four in the morning, he left the party. Also, this information came from the source on the party.

Right after he came to the party, Tristan starts to drink alcohol. On several occasions, he grabbed one girl’s buttocks, and at one moment they went in the room together.