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Lake Salda Turkey is connected to Mars?

Lake Salda Turkey is connected to Mars?

Lake Salda Turkey is a beautiful and healing place studied by NASA. In other words, a space agency that investigates the secrets of the Universe. However, what do this lake and the Space Administration have to do with it?

There is not much room on Earth with living fossils or stromatolites. Also, they provide insight into the evolutionary history of the planet. Stromatolites are one of the first proofs of the existence of life. As well, they give clues to how did the Earth look. Like a billion years ago.

Lake Salda Turkey – Does it reveal the secret of Mars

The coast as well as the surroundings contain sediments of various origins. In other words sediments of light and darker tones. Furthermore, it is possible to see a shallow carbonate bench. It stretches about 40 m from the shore before descending into the lake.

There is a place on Mars with a combination of carbonates and distribution minerals. NASA researchers want to find out if these clues are similar to those on Lake Salda Turkey. Microbialites are attracting the most attention. These are lighter sediments around the lake similar to carbonate minerals.

The delta near the crater suggests that it was once a lake. Furthermore similar to Lake Salda contains alluvial fans full of eroded rocks. Studying the rocks at Lake Salda can more explain the crater on Mars. There are layers on the lake in Turkey that indicate various sedimentation periods. Rover Perseverance will look for similar finds in the crater. In conclusion, scientists in Turkey discovered deposits of minerals they hope to find on Mars.

The Turkish Maldives

Despite the name, you should not expect high temperatures on this volcanic lake. Lake Salda at an altitude of 1160 m is an ideal refuge. In other words a shelter for all who flee the summer heat. Many don’t advise bathing in this place.

Furthermore in many places on the lake is prohibited. The Turkish Maldives is 60 km from Burdur and 100 km from Isparta. Antalya Airport is one of the alternative ways to get there. Even though reminiscent of the Maldives, this place is much more than that. It is one of the deepest closed lakes with a high percentage of magnesium ions. Besides, it is 6 km wide and 8 km long with an area of 45 km².


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