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Leather jacket: History of one piece of clothing

Leather jacket: History of one piece of clothing

From fighter jets over the backs of bad guys to stylistic classics. We all remember the scene in the cult Brilliantine. Olivia in that scene looks so good. The sight of the ultimate seductress in the leather jacket speeds the pules. At that time the leather jackets were only reserved for bad boys. But on the innocent Sandy, this was the symbol of rebellion, power, and audacity, a symbol of something forbidden, and therefore insanely attractive.

Today, leather jackets are everywhere, they crossed all the barriers and they ceased to be the uniform of rebels. A leather jacket is so popular today, widespread and adaptable to different styles that we must call them a timeless piece of clothing. Trends come and go, but the leather jacket of the music and movie heroes is always there. But this spring herald has a rich history.

Leather jacket – history

A black leather jacket with a belt and a double buckle were popular even in the I. World War, they warm German military pilots. But the real story of the leather jacket began to be written a little bit later.

In 1913, the two brothers start to looking for an American dream. Irving and Jack Schott start to produce in the basement raincoats. But they need to wait until 1928 when Irving Schott found the gold vein. That year Beck Industries hired him to design a motorcycle jacket that would save drivers from the extreme weather conditions or from the fall from the motorcycle.

Intrigued by the order, Schott finds the ideal solution and inspiration in the uniform of the German pilots. He shortened their leather creation a lot and added a revolutionary fashion accessory – a zipper. The jacket was named Perfecto, after Irving’s favorite cigar.

Beck Industries sold it to the bikers for, now incomprehensible $5,50. Quickly become a symbol of freedom, adventure, and life on the edge. Schott also created a B-3 jacket for the U.S. Air Force at the beginning of World War II. This was the upgraded version of the older jacket. The jacket was a full hit, and Schott signed several very lucrative contracts.

For sure, one of the most popular people who wear this jacket was James Dean. After his death, that jacket becomes immortal. The American dream from the basement in eastern Manhattan has become a reality. During the 1950s, only a few women wore leather jackets, and those always come paired with an undesirable, masculine badass attitude.

Must have

Throughout history, many celebrities wear a leather jackets. Once notorious and insanely subversive, the leather jacket has become mainstream. Today is a timeless classic. The leather jacket owes its popularity to its functionality, but still, it has a small dose of mystique. A tiny ray of rebellion, the middle finger to the system that makes leather jacket damn attractive.


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