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Legends of Africa – People here literally live in the rocks

Legends of Africa – People here literally live in the rocks

Legends of Africa always remind us of ancient customs we should not ignore. Also, these customs are part of the history of a nation on which culture developed. The Dogon tribe certainly belongs to one of the legends. In other words an ethnic group from the central plateau in Mali.

Dogon tribe

The Dogon tribe belongs to the central plateau of Mali. Also spreads across the border into Burkina Faso. The language belongs to the Mande as well as other branches of the Niger-Congo family. Most of the tribes live on the rocky plateaus of Bandiagara Escarpment. As well as the mountains and rocky hills.

Even though they do not have a centralized system of government, they live in villages consisting of extended families. At the head of that family is an older male descendant. In conclusion, polygyny is part of their culture, but not so often. The tribe lives in one of the most famous places in Africa. Bandiagara Escarpment is a sandstone cliff that rises 500 m above the sand deposits in the south. It stretches for approximately 150 km.

Legends of Africa – Bandiagara Escarpment

This whole area inhabits the Dogon tribe. However, before them, the Toloy and Tellem peoples lived in this place. Bandiagara Escarpment is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Although it seems simple at first glance, numerous rock dwellings continue to shock. Furthermore most shocking is the appearance of these dwellings. After hundreds of years, they keep resisting the test of time.

In the southeast of Mali, near the border with Burkina Faso are beautiful Bandiagara cliffs. This sandy plateau is another wonder of nature. However, what impresses the most are the residents who live there. Due to frequent floods in the lowlands, they bury their dead high in the rocks.

In the rocks are also numerous tunnels. Furthermore, these tunnels saved them when colonizers came from France to Africa. Even though they had a hiding place in the tunnels, they also had a different role. It was a strategic place from which they could see the enemy.

This is the most developed tourist part of the country. Their custom is a real treasure for many researchers. Even more, it is the most mysterious tribe in the world. Besides, their mythology is associated with the star Sirius. Tribes lifestyle maintains a traditional part of Africa that is slowly disappearing.


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