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Let’s go on Vacation to Space!

Let’s go on Vacation to Space!

In a few years, the construction of the first hotel in the space should begin. If you decide to go on a vacation into space, you will be able to enjoy yourself in restaurants, cinemas, and in the company of more than 400 guests.

The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) and the Gateway Foundation have big plans for a project called Voyager Station. The project was announced back in 2019. They plan to begin construction in low orbit around the earth in 2025.

So far many details are unclear, such as the costs of construction, and how they will make accommodation there. The Orbital Assembly Corporation points out that using reusable rockets like Falcon 9 by Musk’s SpaceX will help keep costs relatively low. As a matter of fact, John Blincow launched the Orbital Assembly Corporation in 2012. At that moment he said that this will be a new industrial revolution.

On the other hand, the Gateway Foundation writes on its website that Voyager station will be one of the essential first steps in the colonization of the universe. And who knows maybe the other worlds.

Right now they are opened to private investors. They can buy a stake in the company for $ 0.25 per share. If all this becomes a truth, Voyager will become the biggest construction which is made by a human in space. And it will be completely equipped to accommodate up to 400 people. However, if everything will be as they planed, They will start with the construction in 2025. Until then, we can dream a little bit about going on a vacation to space.



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