Home Movies&TV Shows Lie the movie – is this really a horror or just a tale

Lie the movie – is this really a horror or just a tale

Lie the movie – is this really a horror or just a tale

Lie the movie is an American-Canadian science fiction film with elements of horror. In addition, it is a remake of We Monsters with Joey King, Peter Sarsgaard, Mireille Enos. The first title was Between Earth and Sky.

Lie the movie – the story

A father and daughter are on their way to a dance camp when they see their daughter’s best friend on the road. However even though they had the best intentions, in the end, it all ended catastrophically. In other words, father Jay rides daughter Kayla ballet training, but at the same time, they met friend Britney. Furthermore, the two of the girls are left alone, only to be later admitted by Kayla to have thrown Britney off the bridge.

Jay searches for the body in the river, but can’t find it. Britney’s father sets out in search of his daughter. Even though he suspects Kayla, she and her father avoid telling the truth. In conclusion, when Sam tries to stop the car Jay and Kayla are in, she runs over him. Furthermore, they left the body on the road letting it bleed.

However, eventually, Britney shows up and admits this was a hoax to be able to see her boyfriend. Kayla as well admits she helped Britney hide from her father. In the end, Kayla begs her parents not to leave her. At that moment, you can hear police sirens.

Movie review – did the movie met all expectations

In conclusion in the film, a lot is vague. It’s not certain what happened to Kayla and her parents in the end. As well as did Sam really abuse Britney.

The film has elements of drama, thriller, and horror. However, it is wrong to convince others that this is classic horror. As well a classic thriller because it’s hard to determine which genre this is exactly. Therefore it is best not to expect too much and try to relax and just watch.

Joey King is great as Kayla, as well as Peter Sarsgaard as Jay. Although the story may not be so convincing, the actors did their best.


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