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Life among clouds, why not – Most dangerous swings

Life among clouds, why not – Most dangerous swings

Most dangerous swings are an indication the human imagination has no limits. In other words, these are not places for young children. Furthermore, these swings will show how brave you are. Or how crazy you are to opt for something like that. Usually, such swings are on the tops of buildings or hills. As well as in dense rainforests, which requires wearing seat belts.

While the swings are most often part of children’s parks, there are also the more dangerous ones. Furthermore, such variants can use only adults, but at their own risk. What motivates people most often is the spectacular view. In conclusion, it is clear why such activities attract adventurers the most.

La Casa Del Arbol

In Baños de Agua Santa you can experience an amazing view. It is in this city that it is a tourist hit that attracts many. The famous swing at the end of the world offers a view of the Tungurahua volcano. The swing is on a hill on the tree La Casa Del Arbol at 2600 m above sea level.

Although falling from that place means certain death, many still come. Furthermore many still want to sit back and feel the adrenaline rush. However, over time, security protocols have been strengthened. This means you can enjoy the clouds without fear.

Most dangerous swings – A’DAM Lookout

There is a swing at 100 m above the A’DAM Lookout. Also, from here visitors can enjoy views of Amsterdam.

Bernal Heights San Francisco

Even though local authorities often cut the rope, and all to prevent people from sitting down, it appears to some wonder every time. The swing in Bernal Heights is one of the most popular places. Many want to take pictures and have a memory from a really special place.

Hjørundfjord – Most dangerous swings

In a remote place, Trandal is one of the most beautiful swings in the world. In other words, imagine a multitude of untouched nature and a breathtaking view.

Rainforest swings

There are about ten rainforest swings on the island of Bali. In other words, a place from which tourists can experience a wonderful view of the Indonesian island. Many agree this is a great marketing ploy as many posts their photos on Instagram.


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