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Love Island Show – Wait, they have branded condoms?

Love Island Show – Wait, they have branded condoms?

Love Island Show may not be morally acceptable to everyone, but you must admit it’s popular. Furthermore is gaining more and more ratings each year. Even more, is a show with hot people on a beautiful island. From the number of condoms available to competitors to the location of the island … In other words, it’s time to find out everything.

Love Island Show – How long each season lasts

There is no official decision on the duration of the season. For example, the second season lasted 6 weeks. However, seasons 3 and 4 even a full 8 weeks. To keep viewers in suspense for as long as possible, the producers will keep this information to themselves.

Do they practice sex during the show?

While it’s no secret that many contestants have sex at the villa, it’s never been shown on TV. Furthermore, there is a ban on complete nudity and masturbation. All contestants pass the STI check before entering the villa.

Where is the famous villa on Love Island Show?

The right location is on Mallorca on the east side of the island. However, the villa is on top of a hill so it is impossible to spy on the contestants. Once the competition is over you can rent the villa.

How much money do contestants get to participate in the show

Even though it was hard for some to believe that the contestants were getting paid, it is still true. According to some sources probably around £ 200 a week. However, it is not such a small amount as they enjoy it all the time. Also, they have free food throughout their stay.

The Love Island Show has its own branded condoms

Most wonder if contestants have to bring their own or condoms are waiting for them at the villa. Unbelievable but a sufficient amount of branded condoms awaits them in the villa.

Where the contestants get their clothes from

Although everyone brings their clothes, there is a ban on wearing branded clothing. Most initially get bikinis of a certain brand, usually sponsors.

Is alcohol allowed

After a few guesses, it is clear that there is no drink limit. Even though they must be careful. In conclusion, producers don’t want to let things get out of hand.

How many cameras are in the villa and can they have phones

There are over 60 cameras inside the residence. They record 7 days a week. Each contestant has a cell phone, but not the one they brought with them. Furthermore, they must not send messages to the outside world. What they can do is send messages to each other and take selfies.


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