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Mars on earth – prepare to teleport to another planet

Mars on earth – prepare to teleport to another planet

Mars on earth… It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been in space, these places are proof mars on earth is not fiction. In other words, there are real locations that will teleport you to another planet. While the trip will remain a dream for many, why not visit places that will awake fantasy. Furthermore, because of these places, you will feel like you are one of the space travelers.

After the Perseverance probe, the mysteries of discovering the mysteries of that planet became more and more frequent. In conclusion, it’s time for places that will take us to Mars without leaving orbit.

Sesriem, Namibia

In the middle of the Namib Desert is a place that will immediately remind you of Mars. Thanks to Sesriem in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, this is the best preparation for the Red Planet. Furthermore, why not explore a place that is relatively easy to get to.

Mars on earth – Myvatn, Iceland

A land of fire and ice, in other words, Iceland leaves many breathless. Furthermore, due to the amazing landscape, every year there are more and more tourists. In the north of Iceland is Myvatn or Mars on earth. A shallow lake, volcanic reliefs … It reminds of a distant planet.

Karijini in Australia

Karijini National Park is the perfect place to prepare for a trip to Mars. In other words, this picturesque place is the best example of another planet. Furthermore, there are the oldest red rock formations and ancient gorges.

San Pedro de Atacama – just like Mars on earth

Hot springs, geysers, a volcano, as well as the salt plains … San Pedro de Atacama or the red planet, sometimes it’s really hard to tell them apart.

Wadi Rum in Jordan

The Valley of the Moon or in other words Wadi Rum delights at every turn. This amazing place makes you feel like you are on another planet. In conclusion, prehistoric craters, red sandstones … It’s just hard to single out as much as it delights.

Moab in the USA

Moab is a city in eastern Utah. Furthermore, it is the perfect destination for exploring the red rocks in Canyonlands and Arches National Park. In the nearby Copper Ridge are traces of dinosaurs, which increases the uniqueness of this place.


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