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Meet Insanely Hot Channing Tatum Twin – Will Parfitt

Meet Insanely Hot Channing Tatum Twin – Will Parfitt

Will Parfitt is Australia’s own Channing Tatum. He may be looking like a Hollywood star but he’s not in the world of acting. At least, not acting in the movies. His story begins in England, where he was born and raised and continues in Australia, where his career took off. Moving to Australia was actually a huge turnover for him, changing his life from the roots.

What does Will Parfitt do?

Will Parfitt is taking an advantage of his looks, working for the Magic Men Australia. Yes, it’s dancing and stripping. Think whatever you want but his appearance doesn’t leave any woman indifferent.

He started earning a lot of money performing on stage and privately for stag do in the Spanish city of Malaga. Undressing is a task we all do every day for free but this self-taught male stripper made it into a real business. Check out the video to see how his nights look like.

Harry Potter fan? No problem, Will makes all the dreams come true.

Will’s videos are going viral, especially for the reason that his physical appearance is almost identical to the Channing Tatum in the cult movie ‘Magic Mike’. The funny part is that precisely that story parallels Parfitt’s accidental introduction to the world of stripping.

Beginning of Will’s career

While travelling and enjoying the party scene in Australia, he met a club promoter who kept calling him ‘Channing’. He was joking but he also saw potential in him. Later, he introduced him to the Magic Men, which was his agency and everything started from there.

The dancer said that he is mostly booked for hen parties and club performances but also birthday parties. He said that one of the most memorable moments was when he was stripping an 80-year-old’s birthday party.

At first, he was worried about the entire thing, but he said that the lady loved it. She got up and danced with him and it turned out great. For now, Will will keep performing as ‘Channing’ and he is determined to do it as long as he’ll be able to stay in shape.


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