Home Celebrities Megan Fox and her New Boyfriend – Colson Baker

Megan Fox and her New Boyfriend – Colson Baker

Megan Fox and her New Boyfriend – Colson Baker

Megan Fox started dating the musician/actor Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) quickly after she divorced from her husband Brian Austin Green. With Gren, she shares three children. The new couple got serious and Kelly even met her kids.

Megan and Green divorced pretty peacefully and it seems that they both moved on. Green said that he accepted her feelings and the choice she made. She told how she didn’t feel like herself in that marriage anymore and she wanted to be free.

At the time, photos of her and Kelly popped up on social media. Megan told Green that they were at that point only friends and she even introduced the two. Green told that he trusts her judgment and that Kelly seems like a nice guy.

Megan Fox and Green divorced peacefully

Green and Megan had a pretty turbulent relationship so this might not be such a surprise. They began dating in 2004, then split in 2006 and got married in 2010. Only 5 years later, they filed for divorce but reconciled as their third son was born in 2016. However, now it seems like things are done once and for all.

He told “I know that she will always love me and I will love her. We will still be family and what we’ve built is really cool and special. I don’t want us to be at odds, as we are best friends for 15 years and I don’t want to lose that.”

Megan and Kelly were working together and they got close. The two have something special going on between them and they are both excited about it. Megan Fox starred in one of the Machine Gun Kelly’s videos called ‘Bloody Valentine’. So far, the couple looks like they’ve figured it all out. Megan is happier than ever and she seems more like herself, while Colson seems like a good partner.


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