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Megan Fox was banana?

Megan Fox was banana?

Megan Fox becomes famous for her role as Mikaela Banes in the Transformers. She was also declared as the sexiest woman in the world, and because she comparison the director of the movie with Hitler, Steven Spielberg fired her. Raised in the Pentecostal faith, she went to the Catholic school for 12 years. She was not allowed to have a boyfriend or invite friends to the family home. And today she is one of the sexiest women in the world.

Megan Fox wanted to become an actress since she was two years old. She became a model at the age of 14 and traveled to auditions in L.A. When she was 15 years old she appeared in Bad Boys 2. As a seventeen-year-old, she moved to L.A. and got a job in a cafe where she worked dressed in a banana. At that moment she could choose between banana and apple, but she decided to be banana because she looks slimmer in it.

Soon she gets a supporting role in the movie with Lindsay Lohan. Most of us will remember her from the movie Transformers where she acts as Mikaela Banes. Many times people say that she is the younger version of Angelina Jolie. Once she said that her job was to look attractive.

Megan Fox is listening Britney Spears

At a press conference for the film ‘The Body of the Beautiful Jennifer’ Megan compared Michael Bay, the director of ‘Transformers’ with Hitler. Because of that statement, her dismissal was requested by Steven Spielberg. Her movie career didn’t go in the right direction. Thanks to her provocative appearance, she started acting in music videos and stripping for lingerie editorials.

On the set of the sitcom ‘Hope & Faith’, as a 17-year-old she met Brian Green. The couple married in June 2010. After 15 years together and three children, they decided to divorce. Although after the divorce they had disagreements regarding alimony and posting pictures of the children on Instagram. But in the end both manage to move on. After the divorce, Meghan is in a relationship with rapper Gun Kelly.

When Megan Fox is on the plane, she loves to listen to Britney Spears, because she believes that this will save her from the accident. In one interview she said that is not her destiny to have an accident when she is listening to Britney. The sexiest woman in the world denies that she make any cosmetic surgery, but with age, her face becomes firmer and her nose narrower.


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