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Meghan Markle blamed for Death of Prince Philip

Meghan Markle blamed for Death of Prince Philip

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have already been blamed for the death of Prince Philip. Prince Harry shared the blame but actually, everyone is pointing fingers at Meghan. As a black sheep of the family, her every move was in the spotlight.

They blamed the death of the Prince on the latest interview where Megan and Harry opened up about sensitive subjects. Reportedly, Prince Philip was enraged after he saw the interview and he wasn’t able to recover from the shock.

Meghan Markle – the black sheep of the family

Meghan spoke openly about many sensitive subjects regarding her family and the royal family as well. She discovered that her father has betrayed her and worked with the tabloids behind her back. Some members of the family tried to use her as a way to make money.

Her half-sister on her father’s side is even written a book about her. Despite not even knowing her personally and seeing her for the last time before 18 years, she felt confident enough to write about Meghan. Only her mother has stayed in silence.

Meghan Markle also spoke about how lonely she felt as she couldn’t leave the house. As the media was following her every move, the royal family wanted to keep her hidden from the eyes of the public. She opened up about how she suffered from depression. The family also discussed if the skin of their child will be dark nor not.


It’s understandable how this interview could have upset Prince Philip. So, was this the thing that triggered his death?

The truth

Prince Philip was actually 99 years old and his health was failing long before the interview. He was suffering from common diseases for someone who is so advanced in age. Prince Philip was also recovering from recent heart surgery.

So why blame Meghan and Harry? The media quickly twists the words and meaning. They also draw ‘logical’ conclusions from nothing. That’s what makes a profit so it’s not strange that this news stormed through the tabloids.


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