Home Celebrities Meghan Markle Bullying a 3-year-old Child?

Meghan Markle Bullying a 3-year-old Child?

Meghan Markle Bullying a 3-year-old Child?

While we all watched the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it seemed like a true fairy tale. It seemed so perfect, everyone was very happy and everything looked so blissfully. However, later some information leaked, which claim the exact opposite.

Crazy Demands before the Royal Wedding

The rumours say that Meghan really went crazy over the wedding demands. She wanted everything done as she imagined but sadly, she picked the wrong family for that. When it comes to Royal Weddings, there are many protocols that need to be followed and there is a family tradition.

The first thing that allegedly annoyed the Queen was when she asked to choose her own tiara. She wanted to choose her own wedding dress and all the accessories. However, that’s not an option in Royal Family. Queen needs to approve all the decisions. After seeing how demanding Meghan was, Queen allegedly decided to give her a replica of Queen Mary’s tiara.

Meghan also wanted to walk alone down the aisle. However, she had to be escorted by Prince Charles who stepped in on a part of the way. Still, she became the first bride in UK history to walk unescorted down the aisle.

Meghan Markle Mistreating the Staff

Meghan Markle mistreating the staff is not a new story. However, the stories about it just went silent but let’s remember some of the instances that happened just before her wedding. She was so demanding and constantly changed her mind regarding the dress and veil, so the dress ended up being a bit too large. She made the decision at the last minute so the staff didn’t have time to fix everything up. Meghan supposedly also slapped one of the employees.

Mocking the Children?

Not only that but she also mocked the little princess Charlotte who was 3 years old at the time. Meghan didn’t want her and Prince George to be present at the wedding as bridesmaid and pageboy. However, she didn’t have any choice regarding that, so she mocked her voice and called her chubby. Meghan didn’t allow the little girls to wear socks or pantyhose despite them complaining that their shoes make their feet hurt. On that, Meghan supposedly said that ‘these British girls are spoiled brats.


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