Home Celebrities Miley Cyrus Changed Her Voice! How and Why?

Miley Cyrus Changed Her Voice! How and Why?

Miley Cyrus Changed Her Voice! How and Why?

What happened with Miley Cyrus and her voice? It got so crazy! Miley has such a deep voice now that it started many different rumours. There are a lot of different opinions, some say it’s surgery gone wrong, some say puberty and some say heavy smoking and drugs. What do you think?

Miley Cyrus and her weird deep voice

We all remember Miley when she was just a little girl and still singing sweet songs for Disney. As she’s gone through puberty, naturally, many things changed. She took another turn in her career and had a more ‘free’ approach to her music. Miley completely changed her image, from the sweet nice girl to crazy young adult who can express herself. Listen how her speaking voice changed over the years.


Miley was asked about the change with her voice of course, so she explained it in an interview. She even told how people who don’t know who she is are surprised by her voice. Her deep voice is a result of extensive singing, speaking and smoking as well. However, her voice was always a bit on the heavy side so in combination with all of this, it developed into something very strong and distinctive.


When she’s singing, however, it still sounds amazing. Her strong voice makes her recognizable and unique. With many fans, Miley also made a handful of enemies in the world of famous. Musicians like Cher, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Elton John. Some of them became friends with her after they criticized her and some just can’t get over it. Whatever happens, Miley Cyrus will definitely continue with her career and it’s unlikely something or someone will stop her. Her plans are to sing until she’s 80 – so if everything goes as planned, we should see much more of her.


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