Home Celebrities Model Sara Sampaio was really in love with this star?

Model Sara Sampaio was really in love with this star?

Model Sara Sampaio was really in love with this star?

Model Sara Sampaio is also an actress. However, she is best known as Victoria’s Secret model. As well as an ambassador for Calzedonia and Armani. As one of the major achievements is the Gloden Globes for Best Female Model. She received famous awards in 2011, 2012, 2014. As well as 2015, 2016, 2019.

Her talent was discovered at the age of 15, but she only started competing at the age of 16. Her goal was to get into acting through an agency. Soon there were many auditions as well as acting courses. Are you sure you know this beauty well? Or there is something else. However, it is time to find out.

How did it all start

She was born on the 21st of June 1991. At the age of 16, she won the Cabelos Pantene competition. Furthermore, due to the success after the advertisement, she signed a contract with the agency. But because of strict parents, she had to finish high school first. After graduating from high school, Sara continued to attend the University of Lisbon.

Her dream has always been to work as Victoria’s Secret model. However, it took three auditions to finally get a chance. She eventually had her debut in 2013 at VS fashion. In 2015 she was officially one of the angels.

Model Sara Sampaio – other talents

Sara is not just a pretty face. In other words, she speaks several foreign languages. English and Portuguese as well as Sportugal. It is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese. She also understands Italian and French although doesn’t speak any of these languages.

Hiking on Africa’s Highest Peak

It was one of the most difficult experiences for the famous model. However, it was one of the most beautiful experiences. It is possible to stay at the top for only 20 minutes.

Furthermore, due to the altitude, it is necessary to start the descent quickly. As amazing as it is, the descent is as difficult as the ascent. The whole expedition landed in one day. In the end, it took 17 hours.

A big fan of Gossip Girl

Sara is more of a fan of Blair, a famous character from the popular series. However, this is not the only series she likes to watch. Even though the Royals will never win a Golden Globe and an Oscar she just loves that series.

Her first big crush

Sara remembers when she first met Taylor Swift. It was during Victoria’s Secret show. Furthermore was so thrilled that she still remembers that day.


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