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Movie Bliss – Seriously did they try to copy the Matrix story?!

Movie Bliss – Seriously did they try to copy the Matrix story?!

Movie Bliss is a sci-fi drama film by Mike Cahill. The main goal of the film is to show the fight against mental illness and drug addiction. In June 2019, Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson joined the team. Furthermore, Mike hired two actors before they saw the script.

Filming was at several locations, Los Angeles and Queen Beach Resort Apartments in Croatia. The film stars Owen Wilson, Salma Hayek, Nesta Cooper, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. As well as Lora Lee, Eugene Young, Joshua Leonard, and many others. The film follows the love story of Greg who meets the mysterious Isabel after the divorce. Furthermore, Isabel lives on the street and believes that all this is a computer simulation. In other words, nothing around us is real.

Movie Bliss the Story

The main character Greg Wittle spends most of his time drawing and dreaming. However, after forgetting his wallet in the boss’s office, he sees a wallet glitch out. In other words, it is the first sign that this world may not be real. He later meets Isabel who says she created a world with bad consequences.

After Greg helps Isabel she helps him with the death of the boss it looks like suicide. Even more, when Isabel sells Greg’s cell phone leads him to the tented area. Furthermore offers him yellow crystals and teaches him how to telekinetically manipulate everyone. From that moment on, the story begins to get complicated. In conclusion, Isabel is the one who has to get Greg out of the fake world with the help of blue crystals.

Bliss movie review

Do you know which world is real? Even more are you sure of the reality of what is around you? Do these questions perhaps remind you of another film? Although the Matrix and Bliss have nothing to do, it is clear what Bliss was aiming for. However maybe Mike Cahill had a good idea, but somehow in the end everything is superficial. From action to character development.

There are quality scenes you can’t forget, but as if the director could not push everything to the end. Furthermore, it was as if everything falls apart at the beginning of the film. However, you should not ignore the messages in the movie. In other words, they remind us that we need to appreciate what we have. As well pay more attention to the details we ignored before. Should you watch a movie? Maybe it’s best not to expect anything, who knows maybe you like the movie in the end.


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