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Movie the platform – Wait, what happened in the end?

Movie the platform – Wait, what happened in the end?

Movie the platform is a combination of horror and science fiction. The plot focuses on the Vertical Control Center, in other words, the tower. Residents switch between numerous floors every 30 days. Furthermore, they feed with the help of a platform that descends from the top floor. It slowly descends through the levels of the tower, staying for a short time on each of the levels.

However, such a system inevitably leads to conflict as residents from the highest levels eat as much as they can. On the other hand, each level gets the remainder from the previous levels. The film stars Alexandra Masangkay, Emilio Buale Coka, Zorion Eguileor. As well as Iván Massagué and Antonia San Juan.

After its premiere, there was a great success with the audience. The Platform simply has everything altruism, sadism, violence. Zorion Eguileor is as convincing as Trimagasi. Many compare him to Hannibal Lecter. The average rating for the film is 7.13 / 10, which is great.

Platform review

At the top of the pyramid, a team of chefs prepares a feast enough for everyone in the cells. The platform is held at each level for two minutes. In conclusion, everyone from the top has more than enough. On the other hand, everyone from the bottom is left with nothing and dies of hunger. Prisoners receive a new cell each month, rearranging the order of the cells.

Minimalist rage is evident in the acting of Iván Massagué and Zorion Eguileor. The formula success stems from the success of a combination of several different techniques. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia is one of the most deserving of a convincing portrayal of a somewhat apocalyptic society. In other words, a dark atmosphere that makes you wonder about some life issues.

Movie the platform ending

At the end of the film, Miharu’s child still lives at the bottom of the pit. In other words, she is real. Although a child should not go through such cruelty, unfortunately, the truth is something else. However, unlike the other characters, the girl is pure.
What is the real message of the film? Each of the residents takes as much food as they need. Therefore the purpose of prison is to create a system where people can cultivate a sense of solidarity.


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