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Netflix Outside the Wire – Like if Terminator met Robocop

Netflix Outside the Wire – Like if Terminator met Robocop

Netflix Outside the Wire is an action science fiction film by Mikael Håfström. Although this is a Netflix movie co-production signing Leeding Media, Automatik Entertainment. As well as Pioneer Stilking Films, Inspire Entertainment, Make It With Gravy Productions. The film stars Anthony Mackie, Pilou Asbæk, Michael Kelly, and Emily Beecham. Producers are Rory Aitken, Erica Steinberg, Ben Pugh. As well as Anthony Mackie, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones.

What is the story in Netflix Outside the Wire?

In the not-so-distant future, the android officer must stop the nuclear attack. In 2036, a civil war broke out between local and pro-Russian rebels. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Harp sets up the Hellfire missile. Unfortunately, the rocket kills two Marines. As a punishment, Harp goes to Camp Nathaniel. Therefore, he goes to the American base in Ukraine. There he will be assigned to Captain Leo, a super-soldier disguised as a human officer.

Leo and Harp embark on a mission to prevent terrorist Victor Koval. In other words, Victor must not take control of Cold War nuclear missiles. However, over time Leo shows he has other plans with the rockets. Harp finds Leo in a military silo. Before Leo launches the rocket Harp prevents him from doing so. In the end, he returns to camp and receives praise from his commander.

Outside the Wire Review

An American science fiction film is an ok product with great performances. Furthermore, the script provides a clear insight into the futuristic nature. On the other hand, some would say this is like a Terminator meets Robocop. Outside the Wire has well-done action scenes. In conclusion, the whole film works well as an action genre.

However, there is also the not-so-good side of the film. Even though the actors are great there is more to the story. It’s hard to shake off the impression this is just an average action thriller. In other words basic plot in a mediocre movie. It’s best to look at everything as a war movie with robots. Therefore you will not be disappointed because you will know what to expect. In the end, not every movie has to have a bigger message. Sometimes it’s just important to have a good time.


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