Home Celebrities New square face? Zac Efron, is that you?

New square face? Zac Efron, is that you?

New square face? Zac Efron, is that you?

After watching the video for Earth Day, most people on Twitter were shocked by the new look of Zac Efron. Everyone spoke about his new jaw, basically, no one didn’t remember the message he was supposed to convey. Zac Efron became a popular topic on Twitter. Specifically now when they spread a rumor about his plastic surgery. And the main evidence is his inflated new face.

The 33-year-old Disney child star sparked speculation about plastic surgery when he appeared in the post for “Earth Day on Facebook. In his part of the video, Zac Efron calls event organizer Bill Nye a genius. But something was very strange in this part of the video.

In the end, it looks like fans have been too bothered by his new look, so they weren’t focused on what he’s saying. There is no suggestion that Zac went under the knife.

But the famous fitness fanatic, who has undergone several bodily transformations in his career starts this rumor. Specifically with his new look that he has aesthetically changed his appearance. Many fans can’t believe that this is Zac Efron. One thing is clear, fans can’t believe that did such a transformation.

During his career, this actor had a huge transformation, specifically on his body. However, last year the actor revealed that he never wants to have such a plump body again as he had during 2017. In that period he acted in the Baywatch. And after that movie, he realized that he never again won’t have such a body. For sure this was one hard period for him.


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