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Nothing from Lord of the Rings MMO games

Nothing from Lord of the Rings MMO games

A lot of people all around the world were happy when they heard that we will get the game in the world of the Lord of the Rings. On this MMORPG title worked the Amazon and Chinese Leyou Technologies Holdings. But it looks like this title won’t see the light of the day.

As it looks like, when Amazon connects with the development of a game, there is a good chance that this game will become damned. In the end, nothing will come out. So far, Amazon Game Studios has already canceled three of its own projects. And now the same destiny is with the Lord of the Rings MMO projects. It’s canceled.

This project began in 2018, and Amazon joined in mid-2019. However, the collaboration became more difficult because Leyou Technologies was bought by the Chinese giant Tencent half a year ago. Negotiations between Amazon and Tencent didn’t go well. And it has been decided that neither side can continue to develop a new title in Tolkien’s world.

Amazon said that they were disappointed with this outcome. But now they will move their employees to other projects. Currently, Amazon Game Studios is preparing another MMO game – New World. This game should come out a long time ago, but there were many delays.

When we talk about the games from the Lords of the Rings franchise, for now, we have only announced an adventure with Gollum. The Monolith Productions team, which is responsible for Shadow of Mordor / War, has been working on a new game for some time. But still, we don’t know if this game will be located in Middle-earth.


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