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Oprah refused to be the godmother of little Lilibet

Oprah refused to be the godmother of little Lilibet

Just a couple of months after the big situation with a royal family and Meghan and Harry. Oprah had an interview with them. In the meantime, they become parents of a little Lilibet and Harry’s grandfather Phillip died. Even if they had this interview before all this, they tell her many secrets and they attracted the attention of the general public.

Oprah Winfrey has decided to end rumors about being a godmother ​of Prince Harry’s daughter and Meghan Markle, little Lilibet. In the recent interview, she explained that she is too old for being a godmother.

Right now she is their neighbor and a friend. She believes that they will take someone younger for that role. Oprah Winfrey is in a good relationship with them since 2018 when she got a call from their royal family. During the interview, she also explained that she really like this name for a girl. And the proud parents get a special gift for Father’s Day.

Oprah’s interview came a couple of months after turbulent months for Meghan and Harry. During the whole period, many things happened, and Oprah is a good person who can tell us a lot of things. Will she become a godmother of little Lilibet, we still can’t say. But one thing is clear, Oprah is not happy with this role. Who knows, maybe she changes her mind in the future.

Harry admitted in two recent interviews that he had mental health problems while growing up with the royal family.


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