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Ordinary People About Celebrities

Ordinary People About Celebrities

Most of the fans dreaming about meeting celebrities. Some ordinary people were lucky enough to meet those people by accident. Now some of them shared their experience. Many times when we think about meeting favorite celebrities, part of us is always afraid of a possible scenario. For many of you, it will be better to live in ignorance and adore the illusion of a person who very likely doesn’t exist. However, meeting some ordinary people with celebrities happened completely unplanned. And now they shared everything. For some celebrities, you will be surprised for sure.

Jamie Lee Curtis (saleswoman’s story)

One saleswoman from the Apple store has an opportunity to meet Jamie Lee Curtis. Like every other fan of Apple products, she stands in front of the doors half an hour before the opening. She is very kind and modest.

Keanu Reeves (waitress’s story)

He came on the lunch in the restaurant where she worked. He ordered a lot of oysters, like this is a totally normal thing in the world. Keanu was very kind, modest and he pays the bill to himself and his colleagues. And he wasn’t thrifty on tips either.

Julianne Moore (waitress’s story)

If we ask her, she was beautiful, sophisticated, and irresistible. Julianne Moore was on the list with a few more celebrities who looked her in the eyes and thanked her from the bottom of her heart.

More ordinary people stories…

Gigi and Bella Hadid (waitress’s story)

She can only say good things about them. They are very kind and friendly, specifically to a staff. This is a very rare thing in the celebrity world.

Nicki Minaj (stewardess story)

She didn’t want to leave the plane before it was completely empty, and when we say empty, we say completely. And that is impossible because she can’t stay alone on the plane. We can say that she was rude, and the stewardess was her fan before that, but not now.

Kim Kardashian (stewardess story)

Kim was on the flight from Los Angeles to New York. Mostly this is a very chaotic flight. Despite everything, she was extremely kind. She even went to the toilet barefoot.

Beyonce (restaurant employee’s story)

They didn’t talk for a long time. She escorts her and Jay-Z to the table, but upon leaving Beyonce made sure to see her, and thank her with a wide smile.

Naomi Campbell (steward’s story)

There are several stories about her rude behavior on flights, which is why one airline even banned her from flying. One time she even spat in the face of a colleague. In addition, she regularly sits on napkins while flying to avoid touching anything on the fly.

Kendall Jenner (waitress story)

This wasn’t a so good experience for her. Many times she came to the restaurant, but she was cold to the staff. Besides, she almost always came with someone who talks for her. Like that she wouldn’t have to talk with the staff directly.


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