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Ozzy Osbourne is Shooting Cats for Fun

Ozzy Osbourne is Shooting Cats for Fun

There is no end to Ozzy Osbourne and his crazy behaviour but once again, he managed to shock the public. In one interview, he stated that during the lockdown, he was shooting animals who came into his garden.

He described shooting cats and birds who came into his garden as ‘good fun’. On top of that, he added that he just can’t stop thinking about it. “At first, I couldn’t shoot the animals but now, every minute in my garden there is a new dead cat or bird.” – Ozzy added in the interview.

When he was asked what cats do when he starts shooting, he replied ‘they f*** off’. Ironically, he said that his beloved dogs helped him to survive the lockdown.


Not the first time Ozzy Osbourne has harmed animals

The 72-year-old has a long history of unstable relationship with animals. During his concert in Iowa, he bit off the head of a living bat. Supposedly, he thought that the bat was made out of rubber.

People looked past it but let’s remember that year before that, he also bit off the head of a pigeon. During his meeting with the staff of CBS Records in Los Angeles, Ozzy literally decapitated an alive pigeon with his teeth.

On this matter, his only comment was that ‘It’s all a part of my journey. He also added ‘you learn from your mistakes. What exactly did he learn, it’s not clear.

The long history of violent behaviour

Ozzy isn’t just violent towards animals but his family as well. One time, he even tried to kill his wife Sharon. While being under influence of drugs and alcohol, he started choking his wife, almost taking her life.

One night, he came into the room where Sharon was sitting on the sofa and told her ‘We’ve come to a decision that you have to die. She said that he was very calm and then after he attacked her, she remembers nothing. Ozzy said that he doesn’t remember the attack at all.

After he woke up in his cell, the officer read him his charge, which said the attempt of murder of Sharon Osbourne. Sharon dropped the charges and took him back. Ozzy was abusive towards his wife his entire life and no matter what, she forgave him.

However, after 33 years of violence, infidelity and public humiliation, Sharon has had enough. She didn’t take everything away from him but they are living separately. However, she won’t be divorcing him because as she says, it makes no sense to divorce him now while he’s already 70 years old.


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