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Push Bubble – anti-stress hit

Push Bubble – anti-stress hit

Do you remember the spinner fidget and how much they drove the world crazy? Not only the little ones but also a huge number of adults. Everyone spinning them in their arms. Are you now ready for the last fidget trend called Push Bubble?

Push Bubble is a game that has conquered the world. It’s a silicone toy in colorful colors and shapes. It has a relaxing effect and relieves stress. All you need to do is press the bubble down and it will pop out slightly, then turn it over and start over. Very simple, but also contagious.

What is important to point out is that this is a silicone toy that you can wash easily. It’s also suitable for children of kindergarten age who are in the age of developing motor skills. In the shapes of rhombuses, cubes, and circles, in one color, colorful colors, with or without sequins, with fluorescent or color that glows in the dark – choose and you will not regret it!

Anti-stress, board game, fun, all in one with Push Bubble!

With Push Bubble, you can have fun for hours or play in pairs. For that reason, many people love to say that this is a social game. The rules are very simple. Namely, the first player chooses the order and presses as many bubbles as he wants. The other player will do the same thing, and the two players take turns until the last bubble remains.

All in all, this new anti-stress toy brings an interesting design. Not to mention it’s a great portable game that you can carry with you everywhere. You can literally carry it to the office, school, park, or some other place. And most importantly, it relieves stress and helps to improve concentration. Everyone can use this new toy.


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