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Queen Elizabeth can Drive Without a Driver’s License!

Queen Elizabeth can Drive Without a Driver’s License!

Every family has its own tradition which they need to follow. Many times this can look very funny, or strange. But for that family, all this has a deep meaning. It’s even more interesting when it comes to the royal families. Because they have a centuries-old tradition. Being a member of the royal family is not just walking in front of a crowd of people, going to charity dinners, and many other events. There are a lot of rules behind them, and they need to follow the protocol. We have prepared for you the most shocking expectations, traditions, regulations, and customs accepted by the royal family and Queen Elizabeth.

The royal family and Queen Elizabeth rules:

  • When the queen stands, it is the protocol that everyone should follow.
  • At the family dinner, after Queen Elizabeth eats the last bite, everyone should stop eating.
  • Obeisance is required.
  • Showing emotions is not an option.
  • The royal family also refrains from holding hands
  • Queen Elizabeth will decide which tiara the royal bride will wear. She will choose from her own collection on her wedding day.
  • Every royal bride carries the myrtle plant in a wedding bouquet.
  • Until 2011, members of the royal family were not allowed to marry Roman Catholics. After that, the queen changed that rule
  • The family has political views, but they are not allowed to vote or speak about politics in public.
  • Members of the royal family are not allowed to perform any kind of political function.
  • The royal family can’t play Monopoly.
  • At evening parties, Queen Elizabeth begins a conversation with a person who is sitting on her right side. During the second part of the meal, she will switch, and now she will talk with a guest on the left.
  • When someone from the royal family travels aboard, they need to pack completely black clothes. Every family member must be prepared in the case of sudden death.
  • The two heirs are not allowed to travel together. For example, when Prince George will turn 12, he and William will fly separately. The main reason for that is the fact that they don’t want to stay without two heirs to the throne.
  • The family is not allowed to give autographs or take selfies.
  • Shellfish are forbidden for the family because there is a chance of poisoning.
  • The Queen must talk with everyone, and because of that is logical that she always wears gloves during public visits, because she doesn’t want to get sick!

and more rules:

  • Tiaras are reserved for married women.
  • The family must accept all gifts.
  • Every morning Queen Elizabeth drinks English tea and eats cornflakes.
  • They will never take off their coat in public. If a member of the royal family wears a coat, he must stay on their shoulders all the time.
  • The family doesn’t open Christmas presents. Instead of opening presents on Christmas, the royal family exchanges presents in the Red Hall during tea time on Christmas Eve.
  • Garlic is not allowed in Buckingham Palace.
  • Members of the royal family must speak several languages.
  • The Queen has strict rules. It’s forbidden to consume potato, rice, or pasta dishes for dinner.
  • Clean hair and a neat hairstyle are a must.
  • You should never turn your back on the queen.
  • The queen’s clothes must be in bright colors.
  • You will not see ladies of the royal family with a “smokey eye” or dark lipstick.
  • If Queen Elizabeth moves his purse to her right hand, her stuff must end the conversation. In case that she puts the purse on her right hand, it’s a subtle signal that she is ready to end the conversation with the current interlocutor.
  • The cleavage is not part of the royal dress code. Diana used her clutch bags to hide her cleavage when she was getting out of the car.
  • The Queen doesn’t need to have a driver’s license and is the only person in the UK who can drive without a license.


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