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Rebel Wilson is Unrecognizable

Rebel Wilson is Unrecognizable

Rebel Wilson (actress) said that previous and this year are her years of health. By the end of 2021, she decided to transform her body and reach 75 pounds. Just if we look at her last photos, this is good proof that she is on the right track. A rigorous diet and training regimen follow to achieve the set goal.

First of all, she is avoiding sugar and junk food. For sure this was a hard job for her. All this requires daily effort and consistency, but she is persistent. This was her New Year’s wish. She hired coach Jon Castan Acer to help with exercise. One day a week she rests, while the remaining six days she practices.

Rebel Wilson also practices mobility and resistance exercise and she lifts weights. Her workouts consist of a lot of squats, lunges, and running upstairs. She uses numerous props like a medicine ball. The main goal of a medicine ball is the strengthen and stabilize the core, spine, and back muscles.

On the rest day, Rebel Wilson will make 10 thousand steps. If we look at the diet, she is not focused on counting calories, but on fiber intake. In this way, she prevents hunger, controls blood sugar, and is satiated for a long time.

The good thing is that she is determined, she wants to lose body fat and become a healthier person. Finally, she wants to be a better version of herself. We all know her in the movies where she was fat. And, actually, she got more money for that roles. But all this lead her to emotional overeating because she was under stress.


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