Home Celebrities Remember Honey Boo Boo? Try Mama June’s Recipes

Remember Honey Boo Boo? Try Mama June’s Recipes

Remember Honey Boo Boo? Try Mama June’s Recipes

Honey Boo Boo was a huge star, especially because her family was so… unique. Her actions and what she sad, along with her family never failed to surprise the viewers. It was cringe-worthy and sometimes painful to watch.

Whether it made you feel better about yourself or it amused you, you had to keep on watching. If you loved the show in general, wait to see Mama June’s cooking.

Honey Boo Boo diet

Honey Boo Boo grew up on this food and she’s doing fine. For now. This food is not the healthiest but it also sounds pretty disgusting. Enjoy some recipes.

Everything comes out either from a can, bucket or bag. Why use fresh food? It’s just a waste of time to cut vegetables and prepare everything from scratch.

Of course, if you sneeze or something – do not wash your hands. It will give that special aroma to your food, especially when it comes to pork chops.

One more thing – do not buy dishes. Jut a waste of time. Use everything that can be thrown away. Plastic spoons, knives, even the baking pan – everything can just be tossed into the trash.

Making a dessert

As cans should be your best friends, just grab few cans of cranberry juice. Slice the jelly thing in pieces and put a ton of sugar on top. Let it set in the freezer for few hours and it’s done! Yeah…Next on the menu – tuna casserole.

Here are some more useful recipes. Perfect mashed potatoes? Out of a bag, of course. The recipe for spaghetti, no, sorry, ‘sketti’ will definitely be a win. The butter ketchup mix is definitely one I need to try. We bet you’ll try some of these at home. However, do this at your own risk.

In case you want a more detailed recipe for ‘Sketti’, follow the video below.


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