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Rihanna Day in Barbados – Come and Celebrate!

Rihanna Day in Barbados – Come and Celebrate!

Did you know there is a Rihanna Day in Barbados? It’s celebrated on 21st February, just one day after her birthday. The celebration starts by listening to her music and she sometimes even returns to Barbados to perform. This is not an official bank holiday but Barbadians celebrate it every year in reverence of Rihanna.

How Rihanna got her Holiday

Barbados is Rihanna’s home country and she did many things to help out. She promoted education, tourism, and investment. For that reason, Rihanna was honored with the title of Ambassador of Culture and Youth in Barbados.

She is also officially recognized as the face of tourism for Barbados. For all the things she did for her country, a bordering street to her childhood home was renamed ‘Rihanna Drive’ in 2017.

The singer slightly stepped from the music scene but she is still active in expanding her empire. She is leading a successful cosmetics business, Fenty Beauty. With her collaborations with Puma and owning parts of major companies, she doesn’t need to be scared for her future.

Since when is Rihanna Day celebrated?

Rihanna Day was launched by Barbados Prime Minister, David Thompson in 2008. Rihanna flew down to Barbados to perform a special show to express gratitude. Since then, she visits the Barbados for Rihanna Day and sometimes organizes a live concert. She is very dedicated to help people on her island in any means possible.

Not only by promoting tourism but also to introduce a business, better education and a better healthcare system. She also donated huge amounts of money for different reasons like charity, battle with coronavirus and other issues. She expressed her gratitude to Prime Minister in 2019, Mia Mottley as well. Mia Mottley sent a thank you message to Rihanna for everything she did for the country.

Only by these two examples we can see that she’s not just a singer in Barbados but she also has influence on politics and many aspects of their lives.


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