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Royals Who Have Secret Children from Affairs

Royals Who Have Secret Children from Affairs

Having Secret Children from Affairs is not such an uncommon thing, unfortunately. Naturally, this happened in the Royal Family as well. While most of their marriages were somewhat arranged, there sometimes wasn’t much love included. They had to marry people who were of the same social status and had a good reputation.

If let’s say, someone fell in love with a porn actor, janitor or someone who was in jail, it wouldn’t go well. For that reason, Royals just turned to affairs. Some of them might even still have kids we don’t know about. However, let’s take a look at what we know.

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips married Princess Anne in 1973. After he had an affair with a school teacher, Heather Tonkin, their daughter Felicity Tonkin was born. At first, he was regular in payments and made everything to keep it silent. After a while, he stopped and ignored her, on which Heather filed a lawsuit. The DNA tests confirmed that Mark is the real father of the child so he had to pay the alimony he owed her. Allegedly, Mark forced Heather to have an abortion but she refused. Heather only wanted that at least legally accepts his child. After many years, he finally did the right thing and welcomed Felicity as his daughter.

Prince Albert II of Monaco

He is known for dating a ton of famous women. He has not one but two secret love children. The first is Jazmin Grace Grimaldi who he officially acknowledged. The other is Alexander Costain he had a flight attendant.

Marina Ogilvy

Princess Alexandra’s daughter and Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin shocked the family when she announced the pregnancy with her secret lover. There wasn’t an illegitimate birth in the family for 150 years and she was the first to break this. When she said to her father that she is his daughter and ‘what comes first, his daughter or the Queen and the country?’ – he replied – ‘The Queen and the country’. Later, Marina married her lover and they stayed together in the royal family.

Prince Bernard of the Netherlands

He acknowledged two daughters from his affairs. However, he has a perfectly good explanation for it. Allegedly, there was some crisis in the marriage so that’s how it all happened.



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