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Sarah Paulson and her Wife – Shocking Age Gap

Sarah Paulson and her Wife – Shocking Age Gap

Sarah Paulson married Holland Taylor in 2015. Holland Taylor described in the interview that Sarah was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. How did the two meet and what is the secret to their great marriage? Find out!

How did the pair meet?

The two met a long time ago but they started working together and just connected. Then, they started following each other on Twitter and started texting. Soon after, they arranged a date. Shortly after, they started with a more serious relationship and finally – a marriage.

Holland Taylor was the one who slid into Sarah’s DM. She also offered to give her a lift a few times and tried to get closer to her in any way she could. It didn’t take long for it to work. However, many people seem to notice the large age gap between them.

Sarah Paulson and Holly Taylor Age Gap

Sarah Paulson has heard rumours about her wife and nasty comments that came with that. She said that it’s her life and her choice and she is just in love with the greatest person she ever met. Many are still questioning why are the two together and how could they overcome such a huge age gap.

When there is such a huge age gap between people, it’s always a shock. People always associate it with gold diggers. These two show the public that that doesn’t always have to be the case. They just fell in love with each other and that’s simply it.

Sarah actually dated older women before, so this isn’t such a surprise from her side. However, she doesn’t want to label her choice in romantic partners. These two are not the only celebs with a surprising age gap. Do you want to know more celebrities who have a shocking age gap? Follow this link.


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