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Seven Sentences to Anger Defiant Aries

Seven Sentences to Anger Defiant Aries

They are impulsive, unrestrained, passionate, charismatic, brave, temperamental, defiant, and stubborn. All this makes Aries one of the most interesting, but also the most complicated zodiac signs. Find out below which sentences can make angry any Aries.

1. “Surely you don’t need help?”

No, they don’t need help, and stop questioning them. Aries are independent, they like to do things in their own way and they don’t like to depend on others. In case that they need help with something, they will ask for it. But they don’t like it if you interfere too much in their work.

2. “You did this wrong.”

Constructive criticism is a term that Aries doesn’t recognize. They usually find themselves in the role of a leader and they don’t like to accept the advice of others.

3. “Be patient a little bit.”

You are asking an impossible thing. Aries don’t have patience, which isn’t in their nature. They want everything now and in this moment.

4. “You act like a child.”

For sure they won’t admit it, but Aries is aware of their stubbornness and a short fuse. Many times we can compare them with a child. But in this case, we can only move from them until they calm down. If you tell them in the discussion that they are behaving like children you will only fuel the fire.

5. “This won’t work for you.”

When you say this sentence, you will give the Aries fuel to carry out the plan. He will enjoy proving to you that you were wrong.

6. “Calm down.”

This way of calming generally doesn’t work with anyone who is nervous. However, when you say this sentence to Aries, be sure that you will only make him even angrier and nervous.

7. “Stop talking.”

Aries are very communicative. One thing is clear they have an opinion about everything and they will not hesitate to share it with others. Sometimes they can talk too much, and if you want to silence them, this will be a hard job to do. At that moment they will get the impression that you don’t want to listen to them.


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