Home Tech&Game Should top eSport players train for hours?

Should top eSport players train for hours?

Should top eSport players train for hours?

Professional eSport players spend hours and hours in front of the computer. The main goal for them is to import they skill and make better strategies for the winning in the video games. But according to some studies, we got the information that to them is enough to play only 10 minutes a day.

Players who just start to play. And who wore a special device on their heads for 20 minutes before playing the video game. Which stimulates the brain with direct electrical stimuli, made the bigger progress in gaming skills.

Their study showed that the novice players, who received stimulation in the brain center which is responsible for motor skills before training achieved significantly better results. Especially if we compare them to those who train without stimulation.

In a published study, you can see the effects of electrical brain stimulation on motor skills. They give their best to determine how much such stimulation affects players. However, they were asked to eliminate enemies in one of the most popular esports games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They need to do that as quickly and accurately as possible over a certain time. Players who received a dose of stimulation were faster. And more accurate on the trigger than those who didn’t have such help.

But while the scientists focused their research on the eSport players. They point out that their research can help in many other fields. For example, this can help a lot with a patient who survives a stroke and now they need to learn complex movements. All in all this research brings a lot of good things, not only for the eSport players.


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