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Siri Operated Her Vocals

Siri Operated Her Vocals

We all know how Siri sounds, but now you will be able to enjoy the two new voices. Basically, users will be able to choose between these two vocals now. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, can be seen in many movies and television series. So far she has a female voice, but she will no longer have automatically a female voice. All this information came from the company.

Mobile phone users will have a chance to choose between different voices when you will selecting settings for your virtual assistant. Apple will now offer you a choice between male and female voices, as well as different accents. So you will be able to choose between American, British, Indian, and Irish accents. But the on the US market the basic setting will have a female voice.

Apple also announced that they will add two new voices to the program for Siri. Even if those voices will be for English speakers they are very happy. We all know that since the beginning Apple invests a lot of money in the improvements. Specifically, because there was a lot of speculation about her female voice.

In 2019, a United Nations reported warned that the voice of virtual assistant support the views that the woman is submissive, obedient, passive, and eager to please. Basically available at the touch of a button or on the voice command. But now, the female voice is set as the default setting, but users can change that now. And finally, you will be able to enjoy in some other voice.

Finally, women will feel relieved because they will no longer be associated with subordinates. And day by day, Apple is showing its dominance in the world of technology.


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