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Space Sweepers – try to recycle in orbit above the earth

Space Sweepers – try to recycle in orbit above the earth

Space Sweepers is a South Korean space film by Jo Sung-hee. In other words, it is the first such Korean hit on Netflix. Jo Sung-hee started writing 10 years ago. In addition, before the film was close to realization. It all started with the idea of space travelers collecting space debris. Furthermore, Jo Sung realizes the topic has been present for a long time. Although never in a movie, mostly in animations. Chinese company Huayi is investing $ 4.2 million. Furthermore, Dexter Studios is behind the visual effects.

In 2092 the universe is full of dangerous garbage, old spaceships, satellites. The story begins with the crew of the ship Victory. Furthermore, they are the ones looking for garbage. Their job is to make money on sales. As well as compete with boats. Namely, they are not the only ones who collect garbage. When they discover the Dorothy robot for mass destruction, problems start. In conclusion throughout the film, they try to defeat many opponents.

Space Sweepers – The story

After it is no longer possible to live on earth, the UTS corporation is building a new home. In orbit above the earth is a place that mimics natural processes. However, only the special ones can stay there. On the other hand, everyone else on earth is struggling to survive. Led by James Sullivan, his company wants to make Mars a new Earth.

However, in order to succeed, it is necessary to control all non-citizens. Most work as space cleaners. Among them is the Victory. The crew consists of Bubs, Tiger Park, Kim Tae-ho, Captain Yang. Captain Yang is one of the former UTS geniuses. However, when he saw what the company was really doing he tried to kill James Sullivan. After a change of identity, she became Yang.

The whole story starts when they find a robot in an old car. In addition, the robot has weapons of mass destruction. That weapon belongs to the Black Fox terrorist group. After that, problems start for the whole crew. In conclusion, after the fighting, UTS promises to help rebuild the country.


Great CGI effects, interesting action… In other words a worthy replacement for any blockbuster. A fast pace is present all the time. The biggest advantage is the plots that are easy to follow. As well as confronting the capitalist classes.


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