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Stories Sold by Cheating Guys!

Stories Sold by Cheating Guys!

At one point in our life, everyone was cheated. If you think that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, those signs could help you to figure them out. They will think that they are smart and that they can sell you a story. Prevent them!

1. I didn’t mean to hurt you

The pain he inflicted wasn’t intentional? Well, don’t believe them, there is the intention in the secret messages, calls, or secret profiles on the dating sites. They had only one intention, to not be discovered. You should tell him you don’t care about his intentions. Because he was aware that cheating would hurt you.

2. You didn’t listen to my intentions

In recent times he wasn’t happy with your behavior. When they focus those problems on you, they want to move attention from the real problem. He’s not perfect, but that doesn’t mean you will right away find someone better. Because of that, don’t blame yourself for cheating. There are problems in every relationship.

3. I need some time to bring a decision

No, he doesn’t need time to bring a decision and doesn’t agree with this tactic. If he can’t tell you right away his intentions, it’s a good question how much he wants you. You are not a consolation prize. If he needs time to realize his emotions, just show him where the doors are.

Stories Sold by Cheating Guys!

4. Monogamy is not natural? Cheating is?

We can’t compare cheating and monogamy. He decides to change things in your relationship without your knowledge and permission. So you will both agree to have someone on the side, or you will break up. If you agree to be in an open relationship, you will have a lot of things to define and decide what is allowed in that relationship. In the beginning, he was happy with you, and now he wants more. In this case, monogamy is not a problem, is character.

5. I love you all this time

Yes, he loved you all the time, but he decides to have someone at the same when he was with you. He came home, and he loves you again. Real love brings connection and respect. And all those things are gone when he decides to cheat on you. Someone who loves you will not cheat on you, it’s simple as that.

6. I’m looking for forgiveness, but you will never forgive me

After a cheat, it’s hard to bring back the respect. With these words, he wants to blame you. Is not a problem that he cheated, you and your reaction are the problems. You didn’t fight for that relationship, and you can’t forgive. In the end, you are the person who is guilty of everything. If someone feels guilty for cheating, he will do everything to bring your trust back.


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