Home Celebrities Taylor Swift trivia – Are you ready for the quiz

Taylor Swift trivia – Are you ready for the quiz

Taylor Swift trivia – Are you ready for the quiz

Taylor Swift trivia will reveal to you everything you knew but weren’t sure about. However, who knows maybe you already know everything. It’s time for a fun quiz that will show the real truth.

1. When she released her first album?


2. What is her middle name?


3. To whom did Taylor dedicate the song We are never ever getting back together?


4. Which category did Taylor win when Kanye interrupted her speach at MTV Video Music Award?


5. How much did Grammys Taylor win in 2010?


6. Who taught Taylor to play three chords on the guitar?


Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is a celebrity you can’t ignore. Furthermore is one of the most popular stars. In other words one of the most awarded singers ever. Taylor draws inspiration for the songs from her personal life. Even though originally from West Reading, Taylor moved to Tennessee. The main reason is a career in country music. The first album was in 2006. Furthermore, it was just the beginning of her great career.

Over time, she moved from country music. In other words, she began to draw inspiration from rock and pop genres. Even more electropop sound takes over the albums Lover and Reputation. With sales of over 200 million records, Swift is one of the best-selling music artists.

She is one of Billboard’s Greatest of All-Time Artists. As well as on the list of the 100 greatest songwriters. Furthermore, 2010 was one of the biggest years. Taylor was not only a singer that year, but something more. According to Billboard, she is a woman as well as an artist of the decade.

Taylor Swift trivia – Fun Facts

Did you know what Taylor did at the age of 9? As a child, she worked in a musical theater. Furthermore, this helped her to perform at Berks Academy. Through musical development, Shania Twain was most important. In other words, Shania is the main “culprit” for the country’s beginnings.

For her, van tours are a thing of the past? Furthermore, the singer has a private jet with which she flies where she wants. Rumor has it that Jake Gyllenhall persuaded her to do so when she flew with him in 2010. Her favorite dessert is cheesecake. Even more with this, you can never go wrong. Although this is her favorite meal, there is something she likes even more. Did you hear she’s in love with Disney cartoons? She even borrowed a voice in Lorax cartoon.

She was in a relationship with Conor Kennedy, Jake Gyllenhaal. As well as Jon Mayor, Harry Styles. However, she did write a song about break up. Do you know who was the guy? Even though some 13 see it as an unlucky number, it is this number that follows her all the time. In other words, it is her lucky number that is on almost everything she owns.


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