Home Celebrities The Biggest Fraud on Instagram – Dan Bilzerian

The Biggest Fraud on Instagram – Dan Bilzerian

The Biggest Fraud on Instagram – Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is one of the biggest frauds on the internet. If you were one of his many followers, you might be hitting your head right now. His reputation as a fearless Alpha male who lives this carefree reckless life is nothing but – fake.

While he said that he made his millions by playing poker games, there is no proof that he even knows how to play poker. Most of the public games he played ended in a loss but he still claims that the winnings come from private poker games with millionaires. Dan doesn’t even live in the huge villa he presents as his on Instagram.

Dan Bilzerian and his fake millions

He got his wealth from his father, despite he was a Wallstreet felon. His dad ended up in jail eventually but he put all his shares into his family, claiming he holds no possessions. Dan’s dad filed for bankruptcy while owing millions to the government. The family kept on living in a huge mansion until everything fell apart.

The $50 million was never tracked down – which brings a lot of questions about Dan. It raises the question of his ‘poker story’. Dan says that he doesn’t care how people think he got his money. However, he is still very defensive when this story comes up.

Dan was pretty proud of his company Ignite which was allegedly making insane money. However, that numbers proved to be fake and Dan Bilzerian was actually in a major loss. The company was holding shares of other people, so he was spending the money on himself and his fake lifestyle.

He would spend over $100,000 on photoshoots with models and pay them to get pictures with them on boats. Of course, the boats were rented as well. The entire brand was just – brand. Nothing else. There was no ignite products anywhere and nobody would buy them.

By wrapping everything in Ignite logo, the company would pay for models, yachts, pools, trampolines and all the stuff you see in pictures. Not only that, but he seriously hurt two women on camera. Who knows how many he’s assaulted that we don’t know about.


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