Home Fun The city of thieves – A big gang which causes life in fear

The city of thieves – A big gang which causes life in fear

The city of thieves – A big gang which causes life in fear

The city of thieves is famous all over the world mostly for its tourist attractions. In other words, macaques make the lives of the locals miserable. Furthermore, many residents have wire fences around their houses. These wires are protecting their property.

Lopburi Monkey Festival

As one of the oldest cities in Thailand, it offers amazing ruins. Furthermore Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat as well as King Narai’s Palace. Also, everyone who comes feels like they are in the middle of the movie Planet of the Apes. However, this is not a movie set but a real place. In the 11th century, the Khmers took power over the city. But everything changed in the 17th century when King Narai of Ayutthaya rejuvenates the city.

The Lopburi Monkey Festival is one of the specialties of this place. In other words one of the strangest festivals in the world. This event is held every year. Furthermore involves giving fruits and vegetables to monkeys. It is a population of approximately 2000 macaques. However, this is not perhaps the best attraction for all tourists. Furthermore, monkeys can also be aggressive. They steal purses, anything they can put in their paws. At that time, the city is full of monkeys who are not easy to escape.

The city of thieves

Approximately 4,500 monkeys are the true rulers of Lopburi. Even more, their number does not become smaller with age. They are climbing on tourists’ heads looking for something to steal. As a result, many residents live in wire cages. The main reason is to protect themselves from the monkeys taking their food.

Over time, the problem gets bigger. Residents must protect the goods from being taken away. That’s why they have slingshots with them to drive monkeys. However, that is not all. Monkeys know how to steal sunglasses. Also, they jump on cars. In short, they make life difficult for the local population.

The problem is the lack of drinking water, which is why there are more and more monkeys in the city. One of the solutions is sterilization. In conclusion, no matter how big a problem this is, Lopburi will continue to be a world-famous place. After all where else you can see monkeys stealing the show.


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