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The Miniaturist – What said the Audience?

The Miniaturist – What said the Audience?

The Miniaturist is an adaptation of Jessie Burton’s book of the same name. Featuring an excellent performance of Anya Taylor-Joy, this series left quite an imprint on the viewers. With an actress who controls the camera gaze perfectly, the interpretation of the book was quite successful.

The plot

The Miniaturist tells the story of a young woman, Nella Oortman. Nella was married off to a wealthy merchant by name of Johannes Brandt. She was uprooted from a provincial Holland countryside and taken to Amsterdam. The 18-year-old had to adapt quickly to life with Johannes’s sister Marin and two housekeepers Cornelia and Otto.

From the moment Nella entered the house, the tension rises and dark secrets start to unravel. One of those secrets is an incestuous relationship between Johannes and Marin. That is something they will try to hide in every possible they can from prying neighbours.

When Nella starts to notice something weird is going on, Johannes tries to put her off the track by purchasing her a wedding gift. It was a dollhouse replica of their home. Soon after, this secret miniaturist starts sending ominous packages which will give her clues on the secrets in the house.

The Miniaturist – what did the audience say?

Everyone agrees on one thing – the beginning of the movie was intense. It started with giving off a bit of intrigue, then dropping some hints and shocking the audience. However, since the first big surprise drops, there is not much going on.

There are 20 minutes of shocks and tense development, which is slowly lost a bit later in the show. Despite this, The Miniaturist still has a lot to offer and it is pretty decent. There is still one more story going on behind all tension and raise many questions in viewers.

The feedback from the audience came back to be really positive, with 76% of people loving the show. Some couldn’t look past the ‘weakness’ in the final chapter but that’s all that brought negative reviews.

So, is it worth watching? We say yes!


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