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The Most Controversial Episodes of Friends

The Most Controversial Episodes of Friends

Fans of the cult TV show Friends finally welcomed their day. The special episode The One Where They Get Back Together is finally out. During all 10 seasons, fans could enjoy many episodes. Even today we can enjoy the episodes. But now we will bring you some of the most controversial episodes. 

1. The one that could have been

This is the episode from the sixth season, and in this episode, we can see what will happen if all characters would go in different directions. Many fans weren’t happy with the fact that Monica from the future is fat, and because of that, she is still a virgin. 

2. The one where Eddie won’t go

Eddie was a new Chandler’s roommate after Joey moves out. But he thinks that the new roommate is from the nightmare. Not to mention that Eddie accused him of having sex with his ex-girlfriend and he stole his things. Joey and Chandler laughed at him, but fans weren’t happy with all that, because Eddie was someone who has some mental problems. 

3. The one with the metaphorical tunnel

Ross’s first wife was a lesbian, and during the show, he said many times that he doesn’t like that. In this episode, Ross was very angry with his son Ben because he was playing with Barbie. He tries to force him to play with superheroes instead of Barbie. 

Controversial Friends…

4. The one with the Male Nanny

After Ross and Rachel got a daughter Emma, they were in the search for a nanny. Among all the candidates, male nanny Sandy was the best. But Ross wasn’t happy with all that, specifically because Sandy was too emotional. In the end, Sandy was fired. 

5. The one with the ick factor

In this episode of Friends, Monica meets Ethan. During the whole episode, she lied about her age, and instead of 26, she told that she has 22. In the end, Ethan lost his virginity with her. Later Monica finds out that she is not the only one who lied about the age. Ethan said that he is a graduate student, but is actually a 17-year-old in high school.

6. The one with Chandler’s dad

During all the seasons we can many jokes on Chandler’s dad’s account. Finally, in the seventh season, we can see his dad Charles. Charles is a transgender woman and a “drag queen”. However, Chandler couldn’t live with that fact, and he didn’t even call him at his wedding.

7. The One With The Dozen Lasagnas

In this episode, Phoebe was sexually harassed at work. However, Rachel’s boyfriend Paolo went to Phoebe for a massage in a Hotel Spa. Firstly he holds her ass, and then he showed his cock. Phoebe was upset because she didn’t know how to tell Rachel that her boyfriend was a cheater.


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