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The Most Dangerous Cheese In the World

The Most Dangerous Cheese In the World

The Italian island Sardinia is located in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea. All the coast is surrounded by white beaches, and once you came here, you will come back. However, on this island, you can find many hills, and on the hills, you can find many shepherds who are producing the casa marzu. According to many people, this is the most dangerous cheese in the world.

In this cheese, you can find live worms. Although the cheese can be consumed by removing the worms, many people like to eat this cheese with the inhabitants. Because of all that you will not be able to find this dangerous cheese in restaurants menus or to buy them. But if you know what are you looking for, you will find it sooner or later.

If you are among those who can overcome the feeling of eating worms, chances are good that you will like marz. Namely, it has a taste reminiscent of Mediterranean pastures, but it is also quite spicy, so you will feel the “aftertaste” for hours. Of course, many of them will say that this dangerous cheese is a great aphrodisiac. On the other hand, many think that worms are dangerous. But they didn’t record any cases.

Dangerous Cheese can’t be sold!

As already mentioned, cheese is banned from sale. But the people in Sardinia are still eating it, and they will not stop. However, tourists in Sardinia will try other delicacies, such as porcedda sardo, thin dough flatbread, and the popular pecorino cheese.

When we look at history, it’s hard to tell you when this cheese started to be produced. In 1909 Vittorio Agnetti, a doctor from Modena visited Sardinia and compiled a “cookbook” with six local recipes.

Casu Marzu starts with a production at the end of June when there are changes in sheep’s milk. This cheese is usually ready for consumption after three months. Although it’s protected as a traditional product of Italy, the Italian authorities limited its consumption for a long ago. And you can get even a fine, which goes up to €50,000.


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