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The Secret of a Perfume

The Secret of a Perfume

Perfume is the most important part, without him will not the leave your house. In the beginning, you need to apply the perfume to the strategic places. Basically on the joints, behind the ear, on the sides of the neck, and on the inside of the elbows.

  1. Firstly, be sure to keep the perfume away from the light. Only like that, you can be sure that perfume will keep its chemical properties and remain unchanged for a long time. It is best to keep it in its original packaging in a drawer or cupboard. But don’t keep it in the bathroom because moisture will destroy the aroma.
  2. Apply your favorite scent directly to the skin, to specific points on the body. On these spots, you will feel their smell perfectly. The perfume is usually applied to the pulse zones or points on the body where you can feel the pulse. That way, the scent will spread with each beat of your heart.
  3. Many people will rub the place after applying your favorite scent, not knowing that in this way the molecules of the perfume break down and destroy the scent. Your favorite scent should be sprayed and left to do its magic on its own.
  4. Another secret to keeping the perfect scent on your body longer is to put a little olive oil or Vaseline as a base on the places where you plan to apply your favorite perfume. The reason for this is that the fat retains odors longer, and the same thing will be with your skin.


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