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The Secret of the (little) Black Dress

The Secret of the (little) Black Dress

What kind of magic is behind the little black dress? Why we always choose them? When you don’t have inspiration little black dress is always there. She is the absolute winner. Whenever you decided to wear a dress, you will feel satisfied and feminine. We can say that this dress is a guest of every woman’s wardrobe and every lady in history.

History of the dress

Fashion was born in the Middle Ages and the black dress in the Renaissance. The Renaissance brought rebirth for a woman. However, that wasn’t a small dress. The dress was made of heavy fabrics that fell roughly and dragged on the floor. The woman wore it as an everyday “uniform”, leaving an impression of simplicity and elegance. For the first time in history, the woman discovered her part of the neck. As a fashion accessory, she wore white and black pearls.

Also for the first time in history, a black dress is worn during the korota. Elizabeth I, a fashion icon in the manner of Mannerism, introduces a new “trend” of black, playing with dresses. Under the dress, you can find corsets made of animal bones. The role of the corset is to maintain the shape of the body. Baroque gave the dress a lot of lace and gold and saturated it in its form. She looked dramatically, reopening her cleavage. The dress also crept into pastel rococo. Not to mention that it was worn by Marie Antoinette too.

Coco Chanel and the birth of the “little black dress”

In the big and most feminine style, the dress walked up to Art Deco. In 1926, Coco Chanel created a black sleeveless dress, a little below the knee – better known as the “little black dress”. However, she combined this dress with white pearls. Everything else is history…

In her forties, a dress made by Jean Luise with a high slit, a large bow adorned with long gloves was worn by Rita Hayworth. However, in the fifties, the greatest glamour of the dress was given by Christian Dior. Later, a little black dress was worn by all great divas. Marilyn Monroe adored it, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, and many other famous women adore wearing little black dresses.

In the 70s, the playful dress gets a new note of sex appeal, which was beautifully presented by Twiggy. As a matter of fact, we can see a little dress in every part of history. We wonder what kind of magic is behind the little black dress, but as if it’s important – let it last as long as possible!


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