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The Spice Girls are Coming Back!

The Spice Girls are Coming Back!

Before some time, the Spice Girls returned to the stage. And now there is a lot of speculation of returning, but this time on the movie screen. According to some information, the girls are thinking about marking the 25th anniversary of the Spice World movie from 1997. They are thinking about shooting a sequel to this movie.

They talked to a screenwriter who is now thinking about the whole project, which means they took it seriously. All this information came from the source close to the girls.

In the original movie from 1997, we can see Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton, Gary Horner, and Victoria Beckham. But also many other stars like Elton John, Richard E. Grant, Meat Loaf and others. So the big names are definitely planned for the sequel of this movie. The first movie had bad reviews and a lot of critics, but they manage to earn a lot of money from this movie. So we can’t say that movie wasn’t successful.

However, in 2019, the Spice Girls reunited. At that time they had 13 stadium concerts in the United Kingdom and Ireland. But they were without one member. Posh Spice wasn’t at that concert. She didn’t want to be on the stage, because she wants to focus on the family and her company.

Also, there is some speculation that she will not act in the movie because of that reason. But still, we will have other members of the group who will be in the movie. During the 1990s Spice Girls had planetary fame. Unfortunately, they fell apart. But from time to time they give us a little more enjoyment in their hits.


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