On the fashion scene, we can see many brands. But one brand has the most famous logo in the fashion industry. For sure, this is the French fashion house, Chanel. But the story behind this logo is unknown for many of you. However, many people are thinking that the Chanel brand logo was created by its founder Gabrielle Chanel. Many think that she just reverse and twist her initials. But the story of this famous logo is completely different.

One of the main theories is that Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel first designed the logo for her own brand in 1925. 15 years after she started her, today widely known, fashion business. To the idea for Chanel logo, Coco came after she visited the castle Château de Crémat in Nice. Many times she attended parties which were organized by her close friend and at that time member of the French High Society, Irene Bretz.

The mentioned castle, which you can visit today has a set of arched arches decorated with beautiful stained glass. It is an intricate work of art on the mentioned windows that served as the main inspiration for Coco Chanel. After that, she creates a recognizable fashion logo. With a series of geometric patterns and intertwined circles, these windows were named as the main inspiration for the legendary logo.

It’s hard to find any fashion lover who doesn’t want to have at least one Chanel piece in their closet. Specifically because of their logo. Mostly we can see their logo on the fashion accessories such as bags and jewelry. But today we can see it on many other pieces from swimwear to footwear.