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The Youngest Professional eSport Player!

The Youngest Professional eSport Player!

Eight-year-old Deen entry into the world of professional eSports. But this situation brings a lot of controversies. The newly formed eSport group, Team 33, completed their lineup with an unusual player. They signed a professional contract with eight-year-old Joseph Deen.

With this contract, he becomes the youngest professional eSport player. Accordingly to some information extracted from PepeBet predictions for tomorrow, he will get five thousand dollars for equipment, and 33 thousand dollars as a bonus for signing this contract.

Even more interesting fact is that Deen has trained with the Tema 33 since he was six-years-old. From the team, we got the information that he was training with them the last couple of years. They believe that young gamers are the future, and for that reason, they want to start with practicing as early as possible.

For young players, dreams come true. Other teams didn’t think about him as a serious player, because he is so young. But Team 33 follow this young player and they were looking into his performance in Fortnite. Also, they allow him to practice with them. Now he is very happy because officially he becomes a part of a team. Every player has his nickname, and Deen got a “33 Gosu”.

Eight-year-old Deen’s entry into the world of professional sports caused a number of controversies. We can’t see the lower limit when someone can become a professional eSport player. But the main question is how this will affect his growth and development. Also, the main problem will be how he will participate in the tournaments. For example, in Fortnite, the minimum age to participate in tournaments is 13 years.


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