Home Lifestyle They are insane! – The Ruyi bridge breaks all boundaries

They are insane! – The Ruyi bridge breaks all boundaries

They are insane! – The Ruyi bridge breaks all boundaries

The Ruyi bridge is another proof that the Chinese can do anything. So if you thought the floating bridge was a sensation you might have been a little mistaken. At an altitude of 140 m, there is a glass bridge to the top of which only the bravest go. Or maybe those who have no fear of heights. In conclusion, the bridge is 100 m long.

The construction began in 2017. The entire structure has three corrugated bridges, and part of the deck is from clear glass. Even though it is not the only attraction in China, it attracts more and more visitors every year. He Yunchang is main designer. Furthermore, he is an expert in steel structures. However, this is not his only work. CCTV Tower and Bird’s Nest are also his designs.

This miraculous construction in Zhejiang Province in the Shenxian Valley is a big hit for a long time. Furthermore due to the amazing design, many have long thought the bridge was not real. Finally, this is not the result of Photoshop it trully exists.

The Ruyi bridge

The highest part of the bridge is a high arch to the top of which stairs lead. Even more, two parts of the bridge overlap with each other. The origin of the name is from the ceremonial scepter of the same name, which is a sign of power in Chinese culture. The entire structure spans the western and eastern parts of Shenxian.

If they wanted to shock the rest of the world they finally did it. Furthermore, the Chinese are still showing there are no limits for them and that anything is possible. At first, many were skeptical, and for others, the promenade at a height of 140 m was something impossible. However many were wrong as the bridge still atracts many.

Chris Hadfield as a former astronaut stated several times that he would only like better handrails. The inspiration for the bridge design comes from ruyi jade. When the designers wanted to explain the appearance of the bridge, they added a wavy shape. Furthermore, the primary goal was to show the intertwined parts of the bridge. In conclusion, this attraction became a universal attraction.


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