Home Fun This place doesn’t know for sadness – Rainbow village Taiwan

This place doesn’t know for sadness – Rainbow village Taiwan

This place doesn’t know for sadness – Rainbow village Taiwan

Rainbow village Taiwan is truly special and the work of veteran Huang Yung-Fu. In other words, a local artist beautifies a once gloomy Taiwanese village. After World War II, Huang Yung-Fu decided to stay in his neighborhood. Furthermore, after the Chinese Civil War Huang decides to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.

Unfortunately, a lot of his neighbors left the village. In addition, Huang needed something cheerful. Therefore, he decided on something really unusual, but also special. When the last neighbor left, Huang started painting the walls of his village. In other words, the colors were green, blue, red, and pink.

Furthermore, in addition to the colors on the walls, there are also various figurines. Therefore, it did not take much time for the whole village to be decorated with cheerful frescoes. Even though there were more and more colors, the local powerful wanted to demolish the colorful buildings.

Rainbow village Taiwan

This old artist didn’t just linger on houses. In other words, he continued to carry art to the streets. The whole Rainbow village business gives an overview of the three-dimensional world. Even more, there are several objects leaning on the trippy building. As well as a few helmets reminiscent of Power Rangers.

Over time, this place began to attract more and more tourists. Therefore, there are several places in the place where you can buy souvenirs with the motif of the work of the famous grandfather Huang Yung-Fu. In conclusion, the picturesque depictions of dogs, cats, and bears are really something special.

A small place in Taiwan was once military housing. In addition with thousand demolished houses. Only a small number of 11 houses were left. Everything changed when Huang Yung-fu came along. The whole story begins with a bird on the bedroom wall, and everything else is history.

When he made his home happy, he wanted to give others the same kind of joy. Even more, why wouldn’t others have cheerful colors on the walls, the roads? Inspiration is associated with his childhood pets. Rainbow village is close to Taichung city. Therefore it is possible to come from Taipei. Since trains are cheap it is easy to get to this place. Whoever comes will surely have a unique experience that they will remember for many years to come.


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