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This will surely cheer you up – Happiest place to live

This will surely cheer you up – Happiest place to live

Happiest place to live exists and no it’s not an illusion. Did you hear of Braunschweig? In other words, it is a town in northern Saxony on the most remote navigable point of the river Ocker. Furthermore, it is a place full of traces of history as the Neoclassical Brunswick Palace. As well as Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, Romanesque-style Cathedral.

However, that’s not all because this place has something really special. Like Happy Rizzi House. Because of the cheerful look, many consider this the Happiest place to live. In other words, it lifts your spirits as soon as you see her. Instead of windows eyes on drawn faces, as well as a yard full of greenery.

If you’re thinking about old German towns, it’s certainly not Berlin with crazy nightlife. Or on the other hand Frankfurt with office buildings or glass skyscrapers. Furthermore, you are certainly thinking of small medieval towns. About small places with warm inns as well as traditional houses. Even though some think they’ve seen almost everything, there is much more.

The happiest place to live – Rizzi House

One such place is the town of Braunschweig. In other words, a historic place full of traces of ancient architecture. Paved streets with romantic lamps… As well as shops with wooden frames. It’s all part of one magical story that makes many come to this place.

In one part of the city are modern buildings or business premises. However, in the middle of that average is a real explosion of colors. Namely, there is one building or Happy Rizzi House. In conclusion, because of its cheerful appearance, it is the happiest place in the world.

Pop artist James Rizzi is responsible for the appearance of the building. His idea was to bring life not only to the building but also to the facade. Therefore, today there is still a building with crazy shapes and bright colors. For many, Rizzi House is a reminder of 80s music.

After the local authorities did not know what to do with the old building, everything saved great artist. Furthermore, his vision is the most responsible for the city look. Today, the place is the pride of the place and the main postcard of the city. A meeting of the future and tradition. In conclusion, it is a description of one of Rizzi House.


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